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Section 4 Questions.
1) New image of Achilles- what is he like at the beginning of section 4?
At the beginning of section 4 Achilles is not able to eat, he is too worried to think about it due to the sheer weight of being a king, Achilles has a sense of Grief from Patroclus death.
2) Page 171- who arrives? What is the impact? Why is this significant?
Priam arrives: Achilles thinks that it is Patroclus and then he thinks that it is his father, the impact on Achilles is that he falls to the ground weeping, the significance is that its suppose to make him feel stronger and comforted by the fact that he has someone present with him, Achilles is developing honour towards Priam.
3) P175, who arrives? How does Priam present himself? Who is Automeden?
Automeden is the man who held Patroclus when he died, then fought the Trojan soldiers off. He is Achilles Squire. Priam presents himself as frail and has great dignity. He speaks very simply and asks Achilles for his son’s body. “…to ask you man to man, as a father for the body of my son…”
4) P178-180 what is the significance of Somax calling himself Priams “companion”?
Somax sees Priam as normal person, as a man. Somax doesn’t see Priam as a king, nor does he see Priam as Kingly either.
5) What is the significance about Priam speech?
The significance of the speech is that Priam is attempting to show his Appreciation towards the carter. He is a very Humble man is trying best to portray it.
6) Why is Achilles surprised?
Achilles is surprised because both characters are both from different worlds, it is so different to him because it is very unusual that a king would ever speak to someone of that class.
7) What side does the reader see of Achilles on pp 182 – 184?
On these pages we see Achilles start to feel a sense of being human. He feels humility and compassion towards Priam due to the fact that Achilles is being strongly manipulated by the Ransom and Priams words, Achilles then begins thinking about giving over the body of Hector.
8) How does Priam appeal to Achilles on p 184 and why does he decide to appeal in this way to him?
As both Achilles and Priam are