Rant on Maas Essay

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Rant on Maas

I’m sick and tired of Maas thinking his class is the most important class in the whole world. Like it’s better than anything I could ever think of. Like it is the only class I should devote my every waking moment to. As if it’s better than a cow trapeze artist floating into the night riding a valiant frog or if I were to see Maas not acting like an ass just once in a while yeah I guess Alex nailed it.
Maas thinks so highly of himself to the point where I’d rather dive back into time and relive the 6th grade. And we all know how painful that would be. Maas thinks so highly of himself that even zebras can’t be cool anymore. This majestic wind through the hair animal can’t compete with the length statured ape looking man. Oh no. In fact the button up shirts REALLY separates him from the common man. But I think Maas is trying to tell us something. Maybe its “I tried to be Hipster but it was too popular so I went mainstream?” I mean we can only assume.
Maas thinks so highly of himself and not just that he thinks he’s pretty legit shit. What are you? Old man with a wife and kids…..ohhh scary….well I guess I haven’t met your wife though.
Something about Maas acting like “tuff shit” if I didn’t get something done when I was given a night to do it and had to work till ten really hits me when he comes to school with none of our essays and complains……. I DON’T CARE that you had watch YOUR kids. I want my paper and I WANT IT NOW!!
Maas told us to choose a…