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Rants Rants are mostly ongoing complaints about an argument or incident that is chock full of countless details, that somehow make the argument that much more enticing to listen to. A good rant expresses a huge concern for the issue at hand, but can only be performed or expressed by someone good at it. People who are good at ranting have a passion for it because it ranting is a passion. To be able to rant well, according to Daniel Seidel, you must be “enflamed by a feeling of powerlessness”. Not everyone can add magnitude to an incident or argument with passion. It all depends on your emotions toward what you are ranting about. It would help also if you experienced it first hand because that makes you feel the powerlessness. When you are powerless you become more prone to complaining and are succumbed to a successful “rant”. Ranting is very different than any other types of speech. The distinction between rant and hate speech is that ranting is less organized and too thought out. It’s too thought out to the point where the issue is torn into a million ideas and there are several ideas backing up your issue. Ranting is said in a different tone than hate speech. Hate speech includes thought out ideas backing up why you hate something, while a rant can include many details that don’t make the idea clearer, just more complex and detailed. Having that powerlessness to have a good rant means that you can just lose yourself in your words, have flow, ramble and rave details that somewhat relate, and make it all around humorous.
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“There’s Something Disgusting Out There”
There’s something disgusting out there. On the ground, on the sidewalk, just there – where I was about to step. It’s your spit! It’s the sputum you ejected violently from your mouth, right in my path. Where my FEET go! Where my SHOES go! Where (oh save me) my BARE FEET might go!!
I have never, in 46 years, needed to “hork a loogie” onto any sidewalk anywhere. Is that how you spell it? HORK a LOOGIE? It’s fun to say, but how incredibly repulsive. How is it necessary? WHY is it necessary? Honestly, I am not particularly prim, not exceptionally la-di-dah.. I’ve let rip a nice loud anonymous fart once or twice (shhhh… no- let me take that back. I AM prim and proper, and now very embarrassed).
I do not see the need do not see the need do NOT see the need EVER to expectorate publicly. Mucous (cringe) and phlegm (gag) do not belong in the street. If you absolutely must divest of some nasty products please, use kleenex. Use a napkin. Use a paper towel or a good old fashioned linen handkerchief (but do not expect me to touch that thing, let alone wash it). It is the oral equivalent of taking a dump, right there on the sidewalk. Sorry for the straight talk my friends, but that’s the truth.
Public spitting is illegal in Singapore, Guangdong Province in China, London England, and the extremely civilized city of Saskatoon…