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Four students from North Carolina State University have invented a nail polish called Undercover Colors that detects date rape drugs. Some examples of date rape drugs are Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB which render the user to become sedated and therefore, be vulnerable to sexual assault, which tends to be the case for many rape victims.. The nail polish is said to change color when coming into contact with those substances in a women’s drink. There are also some other inventions that change color when coming into contact with these drugs, such as: cups, coasters, and straws.


There is some controversy between using the nail polish because it is said to
“promote rape culture” and allow for more victim blaming. What judgement would you make about the importance of the Undercover Colors product? I believe that the product in no way promotes rape culture. It is simply giving women a “weapon” to fight with in this war on rapists and the rape culture. Sadly, we are in need of a product like this and no amount of saying “I don’t want to test my drink when I’m at the bar. It’s not the world I want to live in,” from Rebecca Nagle on FORCE:
Upsetting Rape Culture is going to save your ignorant bum. The facts state that around 25% of rape victims have been drugged beforehand and using items like those can lessen the numbers of victims and even catch some of those rapists. The keyword in that sentence, Rebecca Nagle, is “want.” As in you do not live in that world but you want to. And as for the victim blaming, the product is to scare the rapists so that they know that they won’t get away with the crime
( What I am coming to understand from what people might be afraid will happen is that more and more people will blame the victim because she was not wearing the Undercover Colors nail polish and therefore, they will say that it’s her fault for being raped, just like some are saying that same thing about these women’s clothing, as in “she was asking for it.” I think that that is stupid. People should know that consent is a continuous and sober “yes.” But, sadly, some people do not know that and therefore, we do need this product.


How would you evaluate the efficiency of the product? The efficiency can be evaluated by a number of