Essay on Rape: Consent and Middle Aged Man

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John Tag
AP English

Rape is such a touchy subject. For some reason, the victims often wait a long time before reporting the rape so there is almost no evidence. Now there is such a big thing about people lying about being raped, or whether girls who got drunk and then may or may not have consented. It is weird because if they are so drunk that they cannot even remember what happened the night before, you can hardly blame the guy. If some chick comes up to you, even if they are drunk it is not your responsibility to protect the girl. People might say that I am insensitive, but that has never stopped me before. Why should I stop saying what I believe is true just because some feminist will be angry. Feminist are always angry about something or another, so I have found that the best option in life is to just do what I want without worrying about what other people will think of me. Of course, this may make it difficult to actually be friends with other people, especially women. But once again, I never been too big on worrying about that sort of thing. What annoyed me is that the writer was surprised that swimming has a higher percentage of rape than other sports. There are girls in just their bathing suits, and a middle aged man in a row position of authority. It is a recipe for rape. Not that there is anyone to blame, it just is the way it is. Also, in most sports the whole team is together been they are with the coach. In swimming, there are much easier…