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Japanese troops wanted to get rid of Nanking entirely to break the spirit of Chinese resistance.

During the time of the genocide, the United States took the articles written in magazines such as Times, Readers Digest and New York Times doubtfully. The stories smuggled out of Nanking came across as too unrealistic to believe.

There were many different ways of extermination for this genocide. One example is when the Japanese troops lined up the Chinese people along the banks of the Yangtze River, tied up their hands, and then shot them from behind with machine guns. Victims were also decapitated so that soldiers could use the heads as souvenirs. Another extermination method was to soak the Chinese in gasoline and burn them to death.

The Japanese troops sometimes went door to door and some rapes of the Chinese even occurred in the public day and often in front of family members or spouses, some were even gang raped.

The Japanese would rape the women and even the little children, treating them like dogs. They would also hit them with Bayonets and during the process the Japanese would proceed to kill some of them.

Chinese prisoners were moved to the outskirts of Nanking and they were assembled for killing. Once Chinese soldiers were removed as a threat Japanese soldiers started to turn violence on public, most of which being women.

The polarization for this Genocide had to do with the initial order to invade the previous capital of China. This was Japan’s way of showing the difference in ethnic groups. China was given the idea that they were separated very quickly.

The Rape of Nanking is proven fact. This massacre has been denied by Japanese officials in an article written by CNN. During the massacre there were over 300,000 deaths