Rapid Population Growth In The 1920's

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Throughout the 1920s American cities had an increased population growth. Some of the reasons for the rapid population growth is from inventions, industrialization and immigration. Many different technological inventions such as the car and the modern day vacuum cleaner helped to bring different varieties of people toward the big cities and caused a population boom in northern cities like Pittsburg, New York and Detroit. Immigration into cities and emigration out of cities to other cities also increased at a productive rate. With a rapid increase in urbanization there was major challenges that Americans had to
Progressive reforms still were present during these times causing a sweeping sensation across the world. One of the main aspects that caused cities to grow in America was industrialization. When different electric advances started to happen such as the invention of the modern day vacuum cleaner and the invention the washing machine
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Most of the immigrants came from South America and Canada mostly for labor purposes. Because of the large numbers of immigrants many were forced to live in horrible conditions because they did not have enough money to fit into the aspect of urbanization.(H) Many African Americans also migrated to northern cities such as Chicago, New York and New Jersey to live a better life and find more job and money opportunities. Many African American emigrates where from the south and they heard from their family members or friends of a better life in the north and that increased the population of many cities.(J) Many Women also started going toward the bigger cities because of the many innovations that was made it the city and to explore the new standards of a new age such as going to cities to enjoy themselves instead of fitting into standards which is known as flappers.(G) People were beginning to acknowledge to understanding of starting a new life in another