Rapid Urbanisation Essay

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Impacts of rapid urbanisation


Rio de Janeiro

Both cities have a clear wealth divide within the area that sector off the rich from the poor because of the poor living so close to the city centre which tends to be the most expensive part of the city in hope of being as close as possible to job prospects. It could also be due to lack of available land however if more slum houses are built together it will be harder for authorities to ask them to leave.
Both have suffered from high levels of migrants and a lack of amenities to provide them making people subject to slum lives.
Residents are becoming subject to suburbanisation and some are opting to move further from the city thus encouraging counter-urbanisation.
Both cities have become subject to westernisation with increasing number of shopping malls with global corporations as well as night clubs and fast food chains making cultural identity cease to exist which is a massive problem especially in such religious cities where religion is a vital part of the culture which can lead to unnecessary tensions.
Many who move into the city find themselves working with self skilled work due to the amount of jobs not reaching the amount of population due to its constantly increasing.
Rapid urbanisation rates have led to an increase in congestion. High numbers of traffic in both cities should have infrastructure of a high quality however most are on developing roads and poor bridges which can be extremely dangerous and increase chances of accidents, Brazil and India are the two countries with longest traffic jam waits.

Due to Rio being the capital of Brazil it is expected that it would be the most urbanised city in Brazil however Mumbai doesn’t fit this idea s New Delhi is the countries capital, Mumbai is a state capital so India does not fit the pattern expected of urbanisation.
Many urbanised cities have high crime rates which are noticeable in Mumbai however Rio has a much greater crime rate especially in relation to drug crime rates which has led to high employment within this illegal industry. Because of this Rio has a higher policing presence within the street unlike Mumbai where its slums tend to have little intrusion from armed forces.
Rio is a massive tourism destination which attracts a greater income during summer periods however Mumbai’s input of tourism is not as great.
Mumbai is a city that strives on recycling materials with over 85% of materials being recycled within the city making it sustainable in that sense, however Rio is not an area known to strive on this and does not have as great an industry in recycling as Mumbai where recycling is used as form of employment through sorting through materials etc.

Three changes to Mumbai
Better quality housing with infrastructure- this would improve the quality of life for those living in Mumbai as it’s a main reason for people moving to Mumbai in the first place.
More sustainability- It’s important for Mumbai to reduce its problems with pollution which is having a massive effect on peoples health and quality of life, if they were to come up with more sustainable methods it would also create jobs and cause a reduction in congestion.
Cultural identity- Religion is such an important part of Mumbai’s culture and if this were to be lost it could lead to social tensions with those living in Mumbai, Its important to reduce westernisation to ensure that Mumbai keeps its culture strong for the satisfaction of its population.

Three changes to Rio de Janeiro
Better education/ job training- to keep crime rates low by keeping people from turning to drug crimes as a source of income greater investment should be spent on education so that people can get more skilled jobs.
Improve housing quality- People go to Rio de