Essay Rappacini's Daughter vs Genesis

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Rappacinni's Daughter vs. Genesis “Rappacini's Daughter” and “Genesis” have a similar message but have different paths of portraying it. You can compare Rappacini to God because he created Beatrice and her poison just like how God created the world. You could also compare Rappacini to the serpent in Genesis. Giovanni can be compared to Eve and Beatrice can be compared to Adam. “Rappacini's Daughter” is about how he is a scientist and that created Beatrice, and made her into a poisonous girl that is locked away forever in the garden. Giovanni is there to study Dr. Rappacini and stumbles upon Beatrice in the garden and notices how she killed a lizard with her breath. He then goes into the garden and they falls in love with her, all the while he has no idea shes poisonous. Eventually he catches on and thinks he is poisonous and blames everything on Beatrice. Dr. Rappacini decides he wants to make them both more powerful and neither of them want that. Beatrice drinks an antidote that kills her instead of fixing her. “Genesis” is about how God created Adam and Eve and locked them away in a garden just like in the story “Rappacini's Daughter.” He created the garden and it was called the Garden of Eden and in this garden was a tree of knowledge. On that tree was forbidden fruit that no one is supposed to consume. A serpent that is in the garden tricks Eve into eating this forbidden fruit and she cures the human race and God then banishes Adam and Eve and makes them Mortals.