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Who is your role model, and why?
-john Mayer, good guitar player, he's good

If you had to choose to be blind or deaf, which one would you pick?
-blind, needs to listen to music

What do you do when you are driving alone in a car?
-jam session

If you had to spend a day without using technology what would you do?
-play guitar

What things do you not like to do?
-math, and waking upJudges
-book of delivers
-stories of how God raises deliverers to save Israel
-God does so even though Israelites are unfaithful and overwhelmed by enemies
-spans from death of Joshua to beginning of Samuel
-was put together long after during the exile as part of Deuteronomic History
-judge- a hero, tribal leader through whom God delivers people from destruction

Cycle of judges
-judges is set up in a cycle of sin, disaster, repentance, and merciful deliverance
-people fall to sin- idol worship
-sins lead to their own destruction allowing them to be defeated by their enemies
-suffering, and cried to God for help
-God shows mercy by giving them a judge to deliver them from suffering
-people are again faithful but after time they fall once again to the sam cycle
-often happens in our own spiritual life

Background of judges
-stories are derived from early songs and poems of Israel's heroes
-are peasant heroes not nobles
-total judges 12- sacred number
-6 minor and 6 major
-major- Othniel, Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jepthah, Samson
-violent and full of gore

-a judge and prophet
-magistrate of the tribe of Naphtali
-tribe has sinned against God resulting in the siege by the Canaanite
-God chooses Deborah to rescue her people
-convinces, Barak, commander of Israelite militia, to attack Jabin's (Canaanite king) general Sisera
-Sisera flees to friends house where friend's wife (Jael) kills him
-story is not about gore but the many ways God has helped free his people

-belonged to tribe of Manasseh
-tribe began practicing of worshipping Canaanite gods
-fall to Midianite desert dwellers who raid the land and destroy their crops
-God choose Gideon to save His people
-Gideon at first objects to Gods call…