What Is The Best Rare Memory

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Rare Memory With the development of the modern society, the old things are more easily forgotten to people. What is the best rare memory with us? For some people, wealth plays a very important role in their life. But I don’t think so. In my eyes, my older house is my best rare memory. Even though I can live in a big house now, it cannot compare with my older house. My older house was a two-storey house with a big courtyard, and my family often had dinner together and played mahjong in the courtyard. The house witnessed my happy childhood and gave me a lot of rare memory.

First of all, the old house was where I had lived with my great-grandmother since I was a child. Unfortunately, my great-grandmother has passed away, but I will never forget her. I always played swing with my great-grandmother in the courtyard. We were very happy when we played swing, and after that I never come across with carsickness. My parents were busy with their business when I was a child, so they couldn’t take care of me. It is my great-grandmother who had taken good care of me until I grew up. She always companied me to sleep at night and taught me to be thrifty. Sometimes we just had rice with sauce mixed together. She had been kept my company in my childhood, and I couldn’t leave her. She always comforted me and made me laugh when I felt sad. All the time we did a lot of funny things remained in my memory, and even I cannot see her anymore, she will always live in my mind.

In addition, the old house was also where I played with my dear friends. I played various games with my childhood friends, such as hide-and-seek and mud. We used mud to build some interesting things. Sometimes mud made our faces dirty, which made my mum cannot help but say to me “Oh dear, you make me not know whether to laugh or cry.” and I always answered with an innocent look that “mom, I am sorry and I would not do it next time”, and then ran away quickly. When the scene reminds me, I still feel it very funny and would like to go back to my old days. We also liked roll play, and I always wanted to play the part of a teacher, while my friends played the part of my students. We enjoyed it very much. However, since I moved to the new house, I could not play games anymore and I just made a few friends. I think the pure friendship is less and less since my grown up, so I just had a few friends. Unfortunately, I lost my contact with my childhood friends, because we did not have telephone or other