Rasicm on to Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the main character, Scout Finch, is a mere eight years old. She is growing up in the mid-1930s and living in the racist town of Maycomb, Alabama. Scout’s father, a defense attorney, takes on a case defending a black man accused of rape, and his decision forces Scout to understand conflicts well beyond her years. Throughout the story Scout learns lessons about stereotypes and prejudgments; standing up for what is right, and the persecution and racism that surround the 1930s.

RACISM! Did it play a strong role in the outcome of the case against Tom Robinson? Racism definitely affected the outcome of this case. Mistakes by the courtroom and positive interpretations of Judge Atticus Finch are there to prove it. The fact that Toms’ left arm is impaired is a huge give away that proves him not guilty. Also the reputation that the Ewells have and that Bob Ewell (Mayellas father) is left handed also proves that it was actually he, not Tom, who beat Mayella.

Toms’ arm was very important into concluding that he was not guilty. Tom Robinson severely injured his left arm at the age of just 12; He got it stuck in a cotton gin. The arm that was claimed that he had beaten Mayella with and punched her in her right eye lead to suspicion that he had not beaten her, and someone else actually had… (Bob Ewell). If he were to punch her it would be with his only working hand, His right. This would lead to the statement that her left eye was bruised,…