Rate Best To Worst Students

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Rate students I have encountered many students and I am a university student now. Generally, different people have different standards to evaluate students. As far as I am concerned, mark is not the only standard to evaluate a studentz. To rate best to worst students, I have the following standards-----moral factors and capacity factors. Firstly, in terms of the moral factors, I think honesty and diligence are the most important moral characters that best students should have. Honest people can gain a lot. Those who always tell truth or keep their promise not only let others trust them but gain respect from other people as well. Such students are sure to have a lot of friends. Because they are respectable and trustworthy, everyone is eager to make friends with them. Besides, when these honest students grow up, it is easier for them to get a good job. Generally speaking, every employer wants his employees to be honest. In a word, honesty wins trust, respect and honor. A best student must be honest. Diligence is the key to success. It means persisting in one's study. It does not mean exerting ourselves all day and all night without rest, food and sleep. The true meaning of diligence for a student is to use time carefully for the purpose of improvement, or to study persistently without wasting time. Therefore, I think good students can make good use of their time and study hard. Just as a saying goes, "diligence is the mother of success." At the same time, insistence, optimism and confidence are also important moral characters which best students should have. If students do not have some of these moral characters, I think they are not the perfect students. The more they own, the better they are. Secondly, from the aspects of the capacity factors, I think the quality of learning and the ability of cooperation are the