Essay on Rating the News Sites

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Rating the News Sites
Matthew Tillman
February 6, 2011
Amy Taylor

Rating the News Sites
The biggest stories on,, and all have to do with the protesting going on in Tahrir Square in Egypt. This was the topic chosen so that each site could be compared in how they deliver the news.
The first site I went to was and read an article called Egyptian Protesters bruised, Tired and Hungry. This article covers the ongoing protest in Egypt where protesters are trying to get President Hosni Mubarak to step down from his post as the President and end his nearly 30-year rule in Egypt. It explains that the protesters are gathering in huge numbers together in Tahrir Square paralyzing the downtown of Cariro in Egypt. This article was a little background information about why the people are protesting in Egypt. After the background stuff it goes in to how the protester are holding up so as they get in to the second week of protesting. This article is to explain what the protesters have been enduring and how they are holding to their cause. The way that this article was written it was more to the side of the protesters side of things. Most of the quotes in this article are from the protesters explaining for they will not stop their work until President Hosni Mubarak steps down and their people are free from his nearly 30 year rain. Even though the protesters have been dealing with tough conditions they are standing firm in their cause drawing strength from each other. I think the writer of this article believes in what the protesters are doing and wants other people to support their beliefs.
The second web site I went was the web site On this web site the main stories were also about the protesters in Tahrir Square in Egypt. The main article I found was the article “Government aims to get Egyptians back to work”. This article covers how Egypt is trying to get things back to normal even though they have a giant protest going on in the middle of the city in Tahrir Square paralyzing the downtown area. The government has plans to re-open the banks in Egypt after the two weeks of no business because of the two week long protest. Unlike the first article this article does not look at things from the protesters side of things at all. This article is trying to explain how the Egyptian government is trying to move forward. In doing this they are trying to deflate the protesters hopes and get things back to normal in Egypt again. I think that the writer of this article was written from more of government standpoint than anything. The first article mainly had to do with talking to the protester and how they felt. This one was more of an outside view of what the government was trying to do to get past the huge protest. This article does tell us that as it stands President Hosni Mubarak does not plan to step down until polls that will happen in September. This article does not look at the…