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Rational for playing cricket
I have chosen this topic because I am ECB qualified cricket coach.
Cricket originated from England. This English game is basically hitting a ball with a stick. This stick is a "bat" which is an English word meaning stick or club. Earlier bats were like hockey sticks since, the bowling used to be fast, underarm and rolled along the ground. By the eighteenth century, the bat developed into a heavier, longer, curved version of our modern bat where the handle and blade were carved out of a single piece of wood.
Cricket is the world's second most popular spectator sport. Many children, who are reluctant to take part in sports, find this as their "game." The main goal of this game is self-control, integrity and respect for others. Children learning this game will be exposed to the above. This game helps to improve a child's speed, flexibility and reflexes. It also helps increase concentration and the ability to think strategically and make decisions accordingly.
The child will be undergoing a lot of physical activity such as sprinting between the wickets. He will be mentally challenged while playing this game since; he will have to make wise decisions while hitting the ball depending on the type of bowling. There are various social benefits of this game since; your child will be exposed to many people as his team travels to competitions locally, nationally and internationally.
Cricket is a great way to develop a child's mind, body and spirit,