Rational and Emotional Motives Essay

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Amalia dos Ramos
Industrial Psychology 224
Ms L Bailey
24 March 2014
Assignment 2: Rational and Emotional Motives


When consumers think of ice cream, majority picture the brand with the enormous red heart logo, OLA. From an indulgent classic Magnum ice creams to the delicious Rich ‘n Creamy, OLA offers a large variety of frozen treats*. Magnum was owned by a Dutch UNILEVER company and sold as part of the Heartbrand line of products in most countires.* Magnum was launched in Germany in January 1989 as an upmarket ice cream. OLA serves many classical and fruity ice creams such as the famous Magnum, Cornetto and Solero. UNILEVER is the world’s biggest ice cream manufacturer selling in more than forty
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Magnum Pink Promegranate and Magnum Black Espresso – Different Magnums for Different Moments is a limited edition with strong and vibrating colours. This duo of Magnums will appeal to different sides of a consumer’s personality. If they feel more sophisticated or elegant, the intense Magnum Black flavoured ice cream with espresso swirls covered in crackling dark chocolate will be their first chosen choice*. Customers purchase expensive and luxuries goods in order to maintain their status. This will influence consumers to have pride in purchasing a high cultivated good. Consumers want to get a high position in society.

If consumers are feeling playful, fun and relaxed, then the Magnum Pink is the product for them. The Magnum Pink flavoured ice cream has whirls of pomegranate flavour and are covered in premium pearlescent pink crackling chocolate*. These products also influence consumers love and affection feeling. When days have been long or consumers feel like pampering themselves, Magnum is the key product they will purchase. Husbands will buy their wives Magnum Pink to show their love and affection for them.

Although OLA Magnum provides pride, status and love feelings, it also influences fear. Consumers are afraid of losing their health. Fear of gaining weight through these Magnum ice creams. OLA Magnum has to lower sugar and fat levels, increase their fruit content and offer smaller sizes for smaller appetites while maintaining old favourites. Whilst