The Impact Of Wellness Programs

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The purpose of my presentation is to illustrate the scope of the impact that employee wellness has on a business, as well as a way that companies can mitigate these effects. When factoring in the cost of running a business, labor cost such as the cost of training, wages and benefits are usually included because they are prominent and easy to quantify. The cost that preventable poor health has on a business can be harder to quantify, especially because they are not all monetary. I will providing resources to make qualifying these cost easier as well as of non-monetary ways ill health at the workplace can cost your business. The solution I’m proposing to these problems is the implementation of comprehensive wellness programs. I’ll go over the principles of a wellness program, discuss the benefits and illustrate ways for measuring success.
This presentation is primarily targeted at business owners and employees in upper management who have the ability to set goals and allocate resources. This presentation will also be of use to persons working in departments like human resources or anyone responsible for addressing budgeting concerns. While there are many benefits to a wellness program one of the most influential reasons for implementing a comprehensive program is financial savings.
An understanding of employee health and wellness has never been more important to a firm’s success than it is today. Recent legislation, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of