Essay on Raunchy: Miley Cyrus and Female Sexuality

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Raunchy- openly sexual, obscene, vulgar, lust… that’s how women want to define themselves? Or is it a way to explore female sexuality? In Women and the Rise of Raunch Cluture they speak of being empowered by embracing their sexualities but is it really empowering to dress in lingerie and slap demeaning stickers across your body calling it “works of women’s movement’s”. We learn in the first few chapters what women are fighting for and how it is a constant battle. We fight to be able to attend and compete in these prestigious universities but than we are teaching young pledges how to give lap dances that is taking away from what may women have been fighting for many years. How can we expect to be treated fairly as women when we are not treating ourselves with respect or our peers. It is not liberation but another patriarchy created by man. If you are searching for liberation you should not look for it in something you fined as an attracted trait of a male. Stripping, pole dancing and porn stars I believed should not be looked as liberating due to the solid fact it is something where men can come and “pay” for you almost as if you are an object not a human. We want equal playing grounds in a professional and educational stance but yet we are calling it liberating to allow men to buy us.
In the media many women contribute to this Raunch Culture including former Disney star Miley Cyrus who is now seen preforming oral sex on a blow up doll and being very seductive towards a large blow up penis.
How is this what we want to teach our