Rave culture Essay

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“The Scene”
The Ultimate experience “Our aims in political activism are not, and should not be, to create a perfect utopia,”- Paul Wellstone. Loud music, drugs, and crazy dancing crowds are what comes to most peoples’ minds when they perceive the word “Rave”. Most Americans view raves negatively. Raves began in the late 50s in Britain referring as a massive party. After the disappearance, raving revived in London in the 80s. It was a moment of disregarding the rest of the world and heed to other peoples’ opinions, and worshipping the unspoken trend. It was the picture-perfect utopia for the night, taking hallucinogens and all kinds of drugs that will rises one’s adrenalin and heart rate enhancing the music and experience making it profitable for productions to make a raging business. The origin and development of the “rave scene” is a unique transformation in music, trends, productions and crowd perspective.
Raving could not have become what it is today with out the American impact. It was created in Britain and came back in London, but the Americans grabbed it and expanded it like no one else, starting with underground warehouse parties. A few hours before the start time, someone would tell someone elsewhere to go and spread the word. After going to that location, one would be sent to another place where the actual event was being held, backed up another location just in case the police would raid it. Now a televised event, Raving is creating a huge impact in my generation, and the music culture.
These festivals/ warehouse parties would not take place without the amazing crowds of fans of all ages. In the late 80’s in London, adults would attend these hidden anti-governmental parties, escaping the everyday schedules with the crowds and music. Two stages, one being the dance floor and the other being the group “therapy”, dominate raves, something we do not have anymore in modern time. Mincing a poetry coffee show, speaking out to others. The enhancing drugs expose everyone thriving and open for any experience. In the mid 2000s in the USA, those who attended were young and became known by other teens as the “weird, strange and odd teens”. Later, most teens others in the crowds would drip love along with all the sweat and tears for the music.
This up-coming genre of underground sounds, known first as “techno,” lived in the 90s but did not erupt till mid 2000s when Electronic Dance Music(EDM),also known as Rave music or Dance music, stepped in and rising superstars, like Deadmau5 and Skrillex began to shine. EDM is a set of percussive music genres produced for a dance-based environment. It is a progressive “mix” from a disc jockey (DJ). EDM comes out an outrageous amount of genres like, Techno, House, Trance, and Drum and Bass.
With these upbeat, continuous parties and music going for a long period of time, a long lasting, up-tempo, mind-altering drug was needed to cope. Ecstasy is the drug of choice in a