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Raw meet
Running through the trees screaming out loud=being hunted being turned into raw meet
Remember this
Chapter 1
“Taxi uhh” shouted Missy oh no how am I ever going to get to the town hall for speed dating “
“Sorry I was eavesdropping but I heard you was going to the speed dating at the town hall I was also going do you want to hop in my car” said Jackson.
5 minutes later
3 signs one that says straight, one that says gay and one that says lesbian, Jackson goes into the straight area Missy goes into the lesbian one she sits down at a table a model sits down she has red hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, big boobs, big butt and sexy body. They started chatting but when the time was up Missy was invited back to the model’s place, she quickly informs Jackson and takes his number. The model’s name was Alondra on the way to Alondra’s house Missy leant her head on her breasts, then rubbed them gently they got to Alondra’s house though it wasn’t a house it was a mansion! They went up to her bedroom and they chucked their clothes to the side they had sex and when they was sitting on the bed afterwards Alondra asked if she would be her girlfriend! She said yes! Months went past but then Missy asked an important question “will you marry me?” “Oh baby yes!” Alondra shouted. They got married then Missy met up with Jackson “hey missy” said Jackson “hey” said Missy Jackson had another man with him it was his best friend Drake, Jackson explained that Drake was gay and wanted us to go in a…