Ray Bradbury Writing Style Analysis

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Edgar Allen Poe and Ray Bradbury’s writing style are very different but also are very similar. One example of how they are similar is the genera of the stories such as creepy, horror and tragedy. Another example is how something or someone dies in both stories like the old man and the house. One more example is that everything is cut away from the story. We don’t really know what happens after the person who killed the old man or what really happened before everything blew up. Edgar and Ray don’t give details about certain things but somethings the go into great detail about other things like the exact way the person killed the old man and at each time what happened in the house. Lastly, Edgar and Ray’s writing style are similar because The way they describe everything in the story. Everything detail in the story creates a creepy or unsettling …show more content…
His writing style might be very dark, maniacal and sinister but his stories are interesting to read to really understand what is going on in his mind. Sure Edgar Allen Poe might have done really weird and messed up things in his life but his stories are so detailed. I also enjoy reading Ray Bradbury but there is something about Edgar that the writing style is very intriguing that it’s impossible not to wonder, “what the heck is going through this guys head?” Another thing is that, Edgar has a sense of horror throughout this story, and me personally i love horror. So I think Edgar Allen Poe’s writing style intrigues me more than Ray Bradbury’s writing style.

In conclusion, Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allen Poe’s writing style is similar yet different at the same time. While Edgar’s writing style is a little more in a horror type theme and Ray’s writing style is a little more sci-fi themed, they are both amazing authors that are incredibly talented and gifted in