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Josh Fox

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English 10 Accelerated
25 March 2013
Ray Lewis When some people think of Ray Lewis they think of a person that cheated his way out of murder charges. There is also a majority of people that think that he is one of the greatest linebackers and people of all time. In my opinion just the fact that he bounced back from false murder charges with such enthusiasm was remarkable. He is also a leader on and off the football field and is mentally an physically strong. Also Ray is arguably the best middle linebacker to ever play the game of football. Ray Lewis should be considered a modern day hero because of all of these attributes. Ray Lewis is a modern day hero because of his leadership on and off the football field. One of many examples of Lewis’s leadership is seen everywhere he goes. According to an article, “Lewis is a leader to many people including myself. Sometimes before game at team hotels he has public speaking sessions describing himself and what he has been through in his entire life. In these speaking events he tells how God plays a huge part of life and how that God is the answer to many of your problems. ” (Brubaker 3). What Brubaker is saying that Lewis is a leader everywhere he goes even away from the football field and he wants people to know that even though they might they think their lives are bad that to never give up and that you will always find a way through. Lewis also shows amazing leadership qualities on the football field. Statistics show that when he is not playing that the Baltimore Ravens are a different football team. According to an article, “At no point of the 2012 season did the Ravens have Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis on the field at the same time. Suggs and Lewis are the emotional leaders for that defense, always inspiring teammates with their powerful remarks and refusal to give up” (Brubaker 2). Brubaker is right when those two are the leaders of that defense. Stats show that when the ravens had lewis for the first six games they went 5-1 and then Lewis went down and they went 5-5 the rest of the year. That stat alone should show the importance of him to that team. Once the playoffs hit he was healthy and they went on to win the Super Bowl. That there also shows that he is the heart and soul of that defense and without him they are dead. Another way Lewis is a hero is that he is an inspiration to almost everybody. According to an article, “Ray Lewis is an ambassador for the game, a mentor both in and outside of the locker room, and a motivational speaker with far-reaching appeal beyond his sport that would inspire anyone” (Benbow 2). Ray Lewis is an inspiration to teammates and alos to many people away from football. He inspire many people through his speeches and motivates them and he is a definite hero to many people. Lewis is a super stud muffin. According to an article, “Lewis said. “ At the end of the day, with all of the men that I’ve been around, to one day look back here and listen to men say, “ He was one of the people who helped change my life,’ is probably one of the greatest legacies to be remembered for.” (Benbow 3). He is saying the being remembered for changing someone's life and inspiring them to change is in his opinion one of the greatest things to be remembered for. Another way he is a hero is that he has been overcoming adversity his whole life. According to an article, “The way that Lewis bounced back from the false murder charges was unbelievable and how little it affected him when he played ” (Starddard 4).Just the fact that he was still playing football after that whole incident was amazing but that he won a super bowl the following year and how little it showed up in his life after it. According to an article, “Ray Lewis grew up with his father basically absent from his whole life and being the oldest sibling led him to give clothes and put food on the table for all of his younger siblings” (Starddard 6).HE overcame adversity here by