Raymond Arsenault's The Freedom Riders

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Pulitzer-prize winning author Raymond Arsenault seeks to present a view of the civil rights movement, Freedom Riders: 1961 And The Struggle For Racial Justice, in his 2006 biography. While the freedom riders went on this ride they had to face many challenges such as the Jim Crow laws, the slow progress in the South, the Cold war, and not retotaling despite the danger they were facing. Arsenault, who has written two biographies in his years talks about the democracy, civil rights, and US history in the Freedom Riders: 1961 And The Struggle For Racial Justice. In the story he points out how racism was being reinforced and how the people face many challenges to make a more just society. Also, Arsenault provides interesting accounts of the six crucial importance months that shocked America. In the mid-twentieth century black Americans were still being judge by discrimination and threating by violence even though they had the law on their side during the movement. It took the heart of everyday life citizens to be present …show more content…
The CORE was founded by many different people such as James Farmer Jr, George Houser, James Robinson, and Bernice Fisher. Congress of Racial Equality wanted to end racism and segregation in the south by keeping up the nonviolence. Congress of Racial Equality first started on April 10, 1947 to end segregation in interstate travel. This was a two week trip that they called the Journey of Reconciliation that traveled through Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. James Farmer and the Congress of Racial Equality fought against the Jim Crow laws once again to plan a similar ride to the Journey of Reconciliation. This was soon a success and received a lot of attention for the group and the cause. Congress of Racial Equality change the name of the rides and then eventually became the name of the Freedom Riders. Their first freedom ride began in Washington DC on May 4,