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The main components of Raymond Mill
In milling equipment, Raymond mill can be applied to a variety of non metal stone, stone processing equipment is. Many customers have the demand, hope to get a better understanding of the Raymond mill, so as to better use it for work. We as Raymond mill factory, there are many customers being invited, to conduct a comprehensive training of Raymond mill. So in order to better serve customers, today we are going to open the look of Raymond Mill structural components of the equipment and its maintenance method.

We in the product introduction with detailed Raymond mill structure diagram, the customer can check on their own, which will all important parts of one marked out. Here, we have put them to work out the main components of Raymond mill, one one to introduce.

The first is the cylinder, as the most intuitive equipment, it is the carrier of all parts. Therefore, the requirements of the cylinder body is large, good stability, the use of steel structure, to meet the role of anti wear and stability of the body.

The motor is to provide the ability to work a source of Raymond mill. Customers in the installation, must be in accordance with the use of electric power access current.

The grinding and grinding ring is Raymond mill main milling equipment, and the blade is material into the grinding ring and grinding and between "transfer". These three parts are closely linked, in order to improve its service life, we use wear-resistant