Raymond's Run Short Story

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In the two stories, “Raymond’s Run” and The “All-American Slurp”, the theme’s impact onof the story affects the lives of the main characters. For example in “Raymond’s Run” the theme; people will judge you by the way you act impacts Squeaky’s life because she comes off as very aggressive and over protective of Raymond. Many people judge her as being rude, so that said most people don’t want to be her friend. And in the “All-American Slurp”, the theme is cultures are different, which makes it hard to fit in. Then again ,this impacts the lives of the Lins because they are acting the way they would do in their home town, but in America most people think they are unusual.

In “Raymond’s Run”, all Squeaky wants in life is a
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What is holding her back is her doing her normal traditions that she would do back in China. For example when the narrator went to school she was wearing a skirt, but everyone else was in jeans, so she stood out. Also when they went to the Gleason’s house, it was time for dinner so, they pulled out chairs and sat at the table. “Mrs.Gleason bent down and whispered to us, this is a buffet dinner.” This shows that because of the cultures the Lins come from it makes it harder to fit in. It also shows how the theme impacts their lives. Accordingly, the theme makes it difficult for them to fit in.

Nevertheless , the theme impacts the main character’s lives in the stories. In The “All-American Slurp”, the theme impacts the Lin’s’ lives because since they have different customs and traditions, which makes their lives very stressful to fit in. And in “Raymond’s Run”, the theme impacts Squeaky’s life because all she wants is a friend, but her being overprotective and aggressive is making her life harder to get a friend. With that said the moral of the story affects what the main character desires