RC Daily Checklist 2014 Essay

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1. Send Reminder Emails from Evolv to New Applicants
a. Sign into Evolv
b. Click on the tab “Recent Applications”
c. Click in the box next to “Show Incomplete Applications”
d. On the right hand side, click on the “Reset” button
e. Go to the middle drop down menu that says “Position”
f. Click on the drop down arrow and select the appropriate City
g. On the right hand side, click the “Search “ button
h. Look at the column titled “Application Start Date” and click the down arrow next to it. This will sort the applications by date (either oldest to newest or newest to oldest).
i. Sort applications from newest to oldest
j. You want to send the evolv link to the applicants who have just applied so you will need to click on the little box just to the left of each applicants name.
k. Once you have selected all the applicants you wish to send the link to, Click on the “Actions” button towards the top and select “Send Reminder Email”
l. You will now see a little picture of an envelope to the far right of each applicants name, under the “Recently Contacted” column
2. Send Reminder Emails from Talent Link to New Applicants at Evolv Stage
a. Go to Integrated Requisition
b. Click on the number just to the right of “In Process”
c. From the drop down menu just to the right of “Filter by” select “Evolv Assessment” and click the button to the right that says “Filter”
d. Click the column titled “Application Date” (this will sort applications from oldest to newest) Click the column “Application Date” a second time and it will sort applications from newest to oldest.
e. Click on the little box just to the left of each applicants name you wish to contact
f. Towards the top, click on the little orange box next to “In Process:
g. From the drop down menu select “Contact by email”
h. A pop-up window will appear; Select appropriate email template (i.e. “Need to Complete Evolv –Bartlesville”)
i. Click the “Send” button at the bottom
3. Process New Applicants at “Voice Audition” Stage
a. Click on the drop down menu next to “Filter by” and select “Voice Audition”
b. Click on the button to the right that says “Filter”
c. Click on each applicants name to view and grade evolv assessment
d. If applicant passes evolv, then make sure to take a look at their application (to open up application you will click on the link to the far right that says “EVI- Agent Application version…(4)”

e. Important things to look for on the application before contacting applicant:
1. 3rd Question “Have you ever been employed by Sitel, Client Logic” (if applicant answers Yes to this question, make sure to email the site to verify rehire eligibility before contacting the applicant)
2. “What is your Education History” – Many campaigns require that applicants have either a GED or High School Diploma. Check with your site for details.
3. Work History – Some sites require 6 months previous customer service experience and others do not. Check with site for details.
4. Availability
Days/Time: Take a look at the days and times the applicant has selected. Most sites require that new agents have open/flexible availability during the hours of operation for the campaign we’re hiring for.
Part Time/Full Time: Take a look at whether or not they are interested in Part Time or Full Time Employment. Check with site to see if any part time positions are currently available or will be available in the near future. Most part time positions require agents to be available for full time training.
5. Pay – Towards the bottom of the application there is a question that asks “In what range does your minimum hourly pay requirements fall?” If the applicant has selected a pay range higher than what your site currently offers make sure the applicant is aware of the starting pay (and scheduled pay increases) before you schedule their interview.
f. If the applicant has passing evolv scores and there are no issues with their application (based on the above criteria) then you can go ahead and send them an