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Richard is a 50-year old man. While it may not have stopped the infection completely not cleaning the wound properly led to the infection spreading. He could have used an antimicrobial soap that could have stopped some of the bacteria before it reached deep in his skin. He also could have applied topical ointment such as Neosporin, which could have helped prevent the infection from spreading.
While the tooth went unnoticed it allowed the infection to continue to multiply. Again he should have cleaned out the wound with more than just hot water; and using the treatments that I listed above.
By leaving the tooth in his finger this lead to the infection since there are many different bacteria in and around the mouth; even if the tooth had been removed the infection most likely would have still happened due to the bacteria still being able to enter the body.
The red streaks that were present up his arm indicated the infection was spreading and has entered the blood stream. (medcinenet.com)
The pus that was present indicated that his body was trying to fight off the infection. Pus is defined as a thick substance that is part of the body’s natural response system. By seeing pus it showed that the white blood cells were attacking.
The reason IV antibiotics were used was this way the medicine is delivered directly into the bloodstream, which causes a faster recovery time.
Richard was not able to return to work until the infection was due to the fact an IV port in his arm mae him susceptible to getting more infections while working in the sewer system.

Mary is a 35-year-old patient who is suffering from stage two-breast cancer. Mary’s aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, which put Mary at risk for it. Mary was a woman in her mid 30’s, along with taking birth control could put her at a higher risk. I believe Mary decided to have both breasts removed for fear of it returning. Mary’s ductal carcinoma in situ is non-invasive because it hasn’t spread from the milk duct into any of the normal surrounding breast tissue. The ductal carcinoma can increase the…