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Julexus Cappell
Mrs. Kibler
AP English 11
September 30, 2013

'Wrecking Ball' Evaluation (its cool to publish this) Miley Cyrus has destroyed her Disney tween persona. From her 2013 Video Music
Award performance, openly using marijuana, and most importantly; the music video to one of her newest songs “Wrecking Ball.”
In the video, Miley is in an all white room facing the camera directly. Throughout the video Cyrus, moves in very provocative and disturbing ways. She sexually licks a sledge hammer, which she uses to partially break down a cement wall later in the video. Cyrus is also nude, swinging on an actual wrecking ball. She kisses it, and uses it to fully break down the wall in the video.
The lyrics were overwhelmingly powerful. Listeners can genuinely hear the hurt, heartache, and anguish in her voice. Cyrus even begins to cry at the end of the video. As the beat slows down she doesn't really sing the lyrics, but explains her life to you.
"I never meant to start a war

I just wanted you to let me in
I guess I should've let you in"
This song is nothing short of amazing. Miley Cyrus uses this song to openly talk about the end of her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, which is something most celebrities would keep to themselves or just very brief. A good example would be country and pop music star Taylor Swift. Although she might sing songs about breakups and relationships she never openly says who she is targeting. Instead, Cyrus shares her story with the world, in a way that screams, "Yes, I've been dumped, but I will stand tall