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The Impact of Human Resource in Organization
1) The calculated benefits are enough to justify increased cost. This is so because they took into consideration how each dollar was spent. Yes it is noted that the cost of salaries, equipment and also supplies went up. But let’s not forget that all those were geared towards improving the mess that were created before the new HR manager. All these amount to me were spent wisely. It is pretty obvious that you can’t run any stable firm with empty handed. At first you will incur some shock but with time all those will be paid off. The money was not even close to the based amount for the learning period. No my answer would have been different if all the expenses for the reduced productivity were not counted for. New employees were hired which required orientation and on the job training so in way it will affect the productivity. All those lost must be counted for. Not appreciating those cost in the analysis would have been a big issue in future. There would have been an error in calculating the balance sheet for the hospital at the end of the year which can be trace.
2) Having a human resource (HR) department reduce the annual turnover. The HR scorecard could be employed to evaluate this benefit. From the case study, one could see clearly that it’s very helpful to have Human resource department. For…