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Research Methods Case Scenario
Tara Millisor
General Psychology 111

Research Methods Case Scenario
There have been studies that show how participating in activities and interventions, help students with lower reading scores significantly increase their reading scores. In one study, exercise not only builds your fitness, it also boosts brain power, which can help students do better in school and improve grades. Studies show that teens who do aerobic exercise, like walking and swimming have bigger brains. Exercise can enlarge a brain's basal ganglia, that helps you pay attention while in school. One school has shown that thirty minutes of walking on a treadmill improved many students' problem solving skills by ten percent. Complicated movement stimulates thinking, so moving around while studying may help children learn. Even by standing up can help you pay attention when working on assignments. To boost students brain power to its max they need to get at least eight and a half hours of sleep a night and start the day with a healthy breakfast. Another study shows the effects of a voluntary summer reading intervention were assessed in a trial involving 552 students in ten schools. In this study, fourth grade children received eight books to read during summer vacation, and were encouraged to practice oral reading at home with a family member and to use comprehension strategies during independent, silent reading. Reading lessons occurred during the last month of school in June, and 8 books were mailed to students on a biweekly basis during July and August. Iowa Test of Basic Skills were largest for students who reported owning fewer books at home, less fluent readers, and minority students. These findings suggest that a voluntary summer reading intervention may represent a scalable and cost effective policy for improving reading achievement among students. My hypothesis to help students with lower reading scores and show how to