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1. Define scope of practice- "Scope of Practice" means the maximum level of emergency or non-emergency care that an EMS provider may provide that is set forth by the rules adopted by the Oregon Medical Board.
2.What free does Oregon charge EMTs for their initial application and same day practical examinations- The initial application and same-day practical examination fees for EMTs: -EMT — $110
3.How many clinical hours must an EMT course include?- Clinical education of at least eight hours in a hospital or acute care department or other appropriate clinical or acute care medical facility where the skills within an EMT scope of practice are performed under the supervision of a preceptor; and Prehospital experience of at least eight hours under the supervision of an EMT or above where the skills within an EMT scope of practice are performed.
4.How many stations can the EMT candidate failand still be entitled to a no-cost same day practical examination? No more than two skill stations at the practical examination
5.What does a student need to do if they fail two or more skills statios? Submit re-examination fee to authority and be scheduled through their teaching institution to retest any skills station failed.
6.What happens if the student fails either the cognitive or practical examination over 3 times? Complete refresher course and becme eliHow long will the passing results gible to reenter licensure process-The student will retake and pass cognitive exam.
7.How long will the results of the congntive or practical be valid for? The passing results of the cognitive and practical licensure examinations for each level of licensure will remain valid for a 12-month period from the date the examination was successfully completed.
8.What is the maximum number of times that a person can take the certifying or practical exams without repeating the entire course? Six times

9. For requirements for an EMT application and citification:
a.18 years or older
b. completes internship/clinical hours c, Has proof of passing cognitive/practical exam
d. Has highschool diploma/GED
e. passes brackground and drug test(s)
f. Authorizes information to education facilities, institutions, organizations ect. For application

10.Fill in the blanks: The certification for EMT will expire onJune 30th of odd numbered years

11.How many hours of continued education is required in Oregon for EMTs? 24 hours

12.Up to _ percentage of contenuing education hours can count watching videos, reading journals ect.?
Up to 50 percent of the hours of continuing education credits for each subject listed in section 1 of the appropriate appendix as incorporated by reference may be obtained by:
(a) Watching a video, CD-ROM, or other visual media;
(b) Being an EMT practical licensure exam evaluator, if the license holder is qualified as such;
(c) Reading EMS journals or articles; and
(d) Teaching any of the topics listed in the appendices as incorporated by reference, if the license holder is qualified to teach the subject.
13.How long is an EMT required to keep continuing education records? A license holder is responsible for retaining records that show successful completion of all required continuing education for the two previous licensure periods.
14.A certified EMT must notify the division with in 10 days of the following 6 things:
(1) In accordance with ORS 676.150 and using a form prescribed by the Authority, EMS Providers must notify the Authority of the actions or events listed in section (3) of this rule. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements of this rule may result in disciplinary action against the EMS Provider.
(2) An EMS Provider who has reasonable cause to believe another EMS Provider has engaged in prohibited, dishonorable or unprofessional conduct as defined in ORS 676.150, 682.025 and 682.220 shall report that conduct to the Authority without