The Common Types Of Symbolism From The Gristian Religions

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This image I believe symbolizes from the Mediterranean religions. I believe this image represents a king that is admired by his people. The people bring him gifts and offerings to show their appreciation. The angel above him I believe is a symbol of protection for him to continue to protect his people.

Question 2
This image I believe is from the Chavin religion. I think it is a god that represents the underworld. The book suggests that this is a basic story of human origins, but scholars have not yet figured out the many layers of symbolism contained in that beautiful artifact.

Question 3
I believe this is a picture of a goddess in Egypt facing the sun as a sign of a path to new life and better times and with her family and people behind her following her for a more promising life ahead of them.

Question 4
The common elements I see in the Asian religions are that they focus on improving themselves through good choices. Not only do they focus on improving themselves but their families, the village in which they live, and the state. By each group taking responsibility for them this contributes to an ordered society. In these religions gods are in less control than the people. What we can learn about the attitudes of these historical people is that if we focused more on morality, love, and understanding instead of focusing on worldly goods we could reduce suffering and have more of an inner peace. It would also help if more people believe in a loving god and not walk around saying “I don’t believe in god. If there is one why do bad things happen?” It’s not because of god it’s because of us. He does exist it’s a matter of having faith.
Question 5
The imperial cult was the worship of the emperor as a divine being. Traditionally, emperors could be voted to become a god of the state after their death. However Augustus and emperors after him encouraged this worship during their lifetimes, sometimes announcing themselves that they had become divine. This cult strengthened the bond between citizens and emperor and weakened rebellious movements. The Imperial Cult was a cult built around Roman Emperors saying they were chosen by the gods to rule. The Ancient Egyptians did before the Romans, Chinese Emperors did it for 2000 years, the