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Catherine Flynn, Professor
Constance F. Lima-Gonzalez, MBA Student cc: Peers
July 5, 2014
Permission to go forward with Research on Obesity and Children in Virginia

Professor Flynn I am requesting permission to pursue my research on Obesity and children here in the state of Virginia. Obesity in children is high both nationally and in Virginia. Unnecessary weight in children is not healthy or safe and like any other serious disease, it can kill. I plan to research what the causes and what is Virginia are doing about it. I feel these two areas are important to the disease. What the children eat and are the getting enough exercise can be a growing concern in society today. The research is available to show that Virginia is concerned about obesity and children.
. There are several causes that could be the trigger; overeating, no exercise, depression, family history or problems, medicines, and low self-esteem (NIH, 1998). For most children it is eating unhealthy meals, candy or sweets, and drinking soda instead of water. In order to come up with ways to try and prevent obesity in children, research will be done to locate other factors and if they have a relationship with the old factors (Wong, 2014). Research will be done to see if other factors can be found that may also cause obesity in children. If the causes are found steps can be taken to find a way to stop obesity in children.
Several ways to reduce obesity in children are recommended like; a low carbohydrates diet, drink a lot of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, control the portions, decrease sugar intake. I would like to find other ways that Virginia has put into effect to make the children healthier. This is a serious problem both nationally and in Virginia. These days it is at an all-time high and the children can develop diseases from being overweight or obese. I am asking permission to pursue the research to locate the information on what Virginia is doing to prevent obesity in children. I am requesting your permission to pursue research on ways that can be taken to control or prevent obesity in children in Virginia.
Virginia and the National Center for Disease Control (CDC) have been working together to approach the options public health at an affordable co0st to families (NIH, 1998). Virginia has