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Anne frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, on 12 July 1929.Her father, Otto frank, was a businessman. Her mother, Edith, stayed at home taking care of Anne and her older sister Margot.
Anne was a friendly and brave child. She got into a lot of trouble at school unlike her sister who was quiet and serious. Anne was like her father who liked to tell his daughters stories and used to play games with them too, while Margot who was shy was like her mother, Edith.
Anne had a lot of friends, her family was Jewish who followed all the Jewish holidays and habits. Anne once dreamed to become a writer.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler became leader of Germany. He was a politician, and leader of the Nazi political party. Hitler did not like Jewish people, Hitler blamed the Jewish people for half of Germany’s problems. Many Jewish people fled from Germany because of this incident.

Otto frank decided to leave too, with all the other Jewish people. In 1934, they moved to the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. At this time Anne was only four years old. Not after a long time Anne made new friends, who spoke Dutch, and went to school in a new country. Anne and her family felt safe once again.
In 1939 Germany invaded Poland and World War II began. Germany had already taken over Austria and Czechoslovakia. Was Germany going to attack Netherlands too? Otto frank considered moving away but stayed.
On May the 10th 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands. Anne and her family did not have time to escape. The Jews then had to register with the Germans. They weren’t allowed to open or have possession of their own businesses, have jobs, go to the cinema or even sit on their local park benches!!!!! Otto frank had to give away his business to his non Jewish friends.
Inside the middle of this, Anne and her family tried to go on as if nothing had happened. Slowly, Anne 13th birthday had come, one of her birthday presents were a red journal which is how we know her story.

Thing in the Netherlands began to get worse. The Jewish people were forced to wear yellow stars on their clothing so that they were noticed, and a number of Jews were taken to concentration camps.
One day, the frank family got a letter saying that Margot would be sent to Labor camp. Otto was not going to let this happen so Otto and Edith had to arrange a place for the family to hide. The girls Anne and Margot were told to pack everything which they needed. But not in a suitcase, they had to wear layers and layers of their clothes so they didn’t look suspicious. Finally, they left for their hiding place.
Otto frank had organized a secret hideout next to where he worked the door was hidden behind some bookshelves. The secret hideout was small. The first floor had a bathroom and a tiny kitchen, the second floor had two room one for Margot and Anne and the other for Otto and Edith. There was also an attic where they used to store food and Anne used to go up there for some quiet time.

Anne frank’s journal kitty was named after one of her friend. Every entry which was writed in Anne’s journal began with dear kitty. Anne wrote about all kinds of things. She didn’t think that anybody else would read it. Anne wrote about her feelings, what she did, the books which she read and also wrote about people/things around her. From Anne’s journal today we know how it would be to live in hiding for