Reaction Enthalpies Laboratory Report Instructions 2015 Essay

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Reaction Enthalpies for Acid-Base Neutralization Reactions
Laboratory Report Instructions
The heading for your report should include your name, your partner’s name, the date and a descriptive title for the experiment.
Include the following sections in your report:
The introduction section of any report should start with general information pertinent to the topic, a few specific sentences about the experiment and should define the question(s) being asked (aim for one to two short paragraphs.) For reactions, a chemical equation must always be presented in the text of this section. The introduction section should not include a discussion of the experiment, which belongs in the discussion section. It should not be written in the first person, nor should it be a summary or abstract.

Results and Discussion
Begin the results section of any report with a summary of the trends in your data and results with a reference to specific tables and figures in your report. Your summary should be a narrative that guides the reader through your tables and figures. In addition for this experiment, explain Hess’s Law and discuss whether or not your enthalpy change results validate Hess’s Law. You will need to include your specific results in your discussion to strengthen your argument. Present your results in a labeled table with the correct number of significant figures and the proper headings. You will need to include at least the following columns: reactants, net ionic reaction,