Reaction Paper 3

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Brandon Gollu
Professor DePaolo
Core 100
October 22,2014
Reaction Paper # 3

Believe it or not I like the idea of the game, and I'm sure I could enjoy it very much, but none of the other students are really into it at all and that annoys me. If it were up to me, we would all come to school dressed up in 18th century attire and white powdered wigs and throw ourselves into it. I think everyone is just a bit confused about it, or they think it's lame, so they don't want to look like they enjoy it. Some people also take the topics too seriously or personally.
Maybe it's just me who would be into it because I love 18th and 19th century history period,more than any other time period. I don't know, it would be so kinda fun if everyone was into it and dressed up and spoke with accents and actually pretended to be the people we're supposed to be ( their character) . Maybe there should be a way to get students more excited about the game. I would probably start off with jeopardy or something. Some students probably hate history, as well. Which theirs nothing we can do about that. So yeah, great idea, but the lack of enthusiasm/participation just hammers it all down and makes it dull. If no one gets into it and decides to be creative, it's all

the section’s faults. This is how I honestly feel about everything. I don't think it can change in our class too much, because I doubt any of the other students are excited or even interested in the game. Also, one other thing, It