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September 11th played a pivotal part in United States history. The U.S economy was in a era that movement towards a better economy was inevitable. Daniel Yergin explained, “Up until September 11, there was a sense that with the crisis and the risks, that nevertheless this movement towards globalization really was irreversible. And since then there's a recognition of that you can't turn back the clock; we're not going to abolish e-mail, or computers aren't going to get slower, but things can go in another direction. Markets do best and work best and deliver what they can do during times of peace. And if you're not in a time of peace, but you're in some other kind of time, then things won't work as well, and priorities will be elsewhere as well (Commanding Heights)”. The United States was about to go into a recession and President Bush wanted to rebuild an economy that will put the United States back to economic freedom. Bush had a plan and want to seek out new ventures to make his plan come to life. “Out of the sorrow of September 11, I see opportunity, a chance for nations to strengthen and rethink and reinvigorate their relationships. When nations open their markets to the world, they find in America a trading partner, an investor, and a friend (Commanding Heights)”, Bush explained. He wanted to make sure that the world would have confidence in America, but technology was a barrier that couldn’t be suppressed. Richard Cheney explained it as, “ I don't think there is any one overnight solution. I don't know anyone who's smart enough to sit down and write a brand-new set of rules that we should all then adhere to. I think it is a process for negotiation among solvent and independent nations, and that's probably as it should be. And it will evolve over time. And I do think we learn from our mistakes. But I the idea that there's some sort of basic right way to do it out there, and there's one individual or group that have got all the answers, I'd be deeply suspicious of that notion (Commanding Heights).” While the United States economy seems vastly improved, it was on a road to recovery. Daniel Yergin explained that globalization looks to set new rules to the global system that will be better for the world. He believed that trade increases the odds for peace and also leads to higher standards of living is something that has been part of the American political tradition. And looking back on the Depression, looking back on the first or second world war, it became very deep seated, and it's not just a question of specific trade agreements, but it's really a broad consensus about the importance of trade to the American economy, to what it does