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Reaction Paper There are plenty of colleges out there too choose from, but there are way more classes. When I first got this assignment, I tried to do the educational plan without having an appointment with my advisor. It turns out that it Is much harder to choose classes on your own because there are so many choices to choose from. Especially depending on what major you choose. My advisor, Dede Dyer, informed me that I could have a major and a minor. The minor could only be acquired when you go off to a university like Central Florida or Florida Gulf Coast. I also found out that to qualify for the dental program I would have to take six math courses and eight science courses, some including labs. When she informed me of this, it was an eye opening moment for me because I did not know of these requirements before entering her office. This appointment with Ms. Dyer was very helpful for me, it very much helped settle my mind. She helped me choose all the classes I needed to take in the next three semester. She also informed me that I should take simpler classes only when I had a full schedule of hard sciences and maths like Calculus with Analytical Geometry and Microbiology and Lab. A class that I would take along with those would be speech because it is a much simpler class with an easier curriculum. I was also given a blue sheet that reads, “Preparing for a Pre-Professional Science Major”. This sheet lists the common prerequisite courses that a student should take at their