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Reaction Paper 2
To be bias is to simply favor a side and from the day we are born we were taught to discriminate. Sometimes it’s not under our foundation to be taught discrimination since it’s a thing we are taught throughout family, the media, and our social surroundings. In some way we are brain wash to discriminate even with our unconscious mind. As much as we try to defeat the factor of discriminating and being prejudice there’s still an underlining image we still paint in our perspective that will categorize our peers.
This article compares to the socialization chapter because it’s teaching us how our unconscious mind influences our social influences in living. For example, say you hear tragic news on the radio about a robbery at seven eleven and they haven’t disclosed the robber. What would most people think the race of the robber is? In my opinion majority of society would say African American. People of color accept these stereotypes and prepare themselves for these undermining effects. It sickens me that the society I live in acknowledges these categorize group stigmas and we don’t make changes about it. Slowly but surely, I believe we as a society are gaining back our humanity. This is a big issue we suffer and it takes back a lot of opportunities in everyone. Women can’t even be seen as a high authority figure without working one hundred times harder than a male. It has even hit the movies we see throughout our lives! The Bechdel test for movies is a good example because this test is used to identify gender bias. I am hoping for everyone to educate themselves about the sociology and psychology of the nature of being prejudice and stereotypical.

Results: Your data suggest a slight association of Male with Science and Female with Liberal Arts compared to Female with Science and Male with Liberal Arts.

In my results it shows that I associate male with science and females with liberal arts. To my surprise, I was actually a bit intrigue with