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People always decide to get married to have a family then have kids, where they could all grow old together. Nowadays all you see are most teenage women getting pregnant then most of them usually end up being a single parent. Day by day the generation gets worse, less people getting married and more people having kids. In the movie I watched it shows that a group of people put together and organization which consist of trying to get more people to get married. They tried to keep the traditional weddings going so that there could be more strong marriages which lead to strong families so that there could be stronger communities. They had couples come together and get married all that same day giving them the traditional dream wedding that they would want. They had a pastor in the front who would read them their scriptures that are usually said during a wedding. They also had cake and music playing traditionally so they could feel the full effect of the newlyweds that just got married. This would also be considered their reception after the wedding. The movie also showed different couples that talked about their relationship and how they felt about marriage. One African American couple who had about 6 kids together they talked about marriage and the guy even proposed to her. But they lady felt that marriage was to quick of a movement for her so she kept the ring in a safe keeping and told her lover that she will marry him when she thinks she is really ready. Even though they have a lot of kids together and marriage made perfect sense I think she just feared that it would be too much of a burden at the moment. Eventually she had to pawn the ring just to be able to buy some food and pampers for her children. But their relationship is strong even though they aren’t married and the relationship they have seemed to keep the family strong despite the financial problems they have.
The point of them was doing the marriage movement so to form that bond where couples are deeply in love that they know who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. They feel that too many people getting married just to be divorced within a year or two later. Oklahoma has the 2nd highest divorce rate in that state. It saddens to see that people don’t see how much this affects their kids. It almost as if u gave up on your marriage you kind of gave up on your kids as well. It’s understandable that some people really do grow apart but don’t be too quick to jump out of a marriage. In the movie another lady spoke about how she was married to a man and had two kids with him and few years later they didn’t work out and as soon as they got a divorce he jump into getting married with another woman already. Men are too quick to up and leave they never know what they really want. One in ten children are born to married parents which isn’t a good thing. So the whole point of the marriage movement was a set example of people working together to change that specific statistic. I feel that many people think that they are in love after 6 months to a year of dating with that one particular person which is not true. Getting to know someone takes times and actually falling in love may be quick but being in true fulfilled loved takes years of being together without actually being married yet. People should just slow down before they jump into marriage. So many kids are affect that are either born into a family of divorced parents or parents that are soon to be divorce. Children pick up things quick they can tell