Reaction Paper

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Words: 1983
Pages: 8

A movie about older young adult(late teens), on a trip maybe camping, or to a small town with a lake, or just going out to a day concert at a remote yearly(annual fest) location Maybe a town or location that east of LA, Or san diego small town like barstow(la) or alpine(sd) a town that’s close to a major city. Story develops the young, main character(the alpha male of the group) with his friends driving to the event, conversation in the car, somehow family gets brought up, and when it’s the alpha’s turn to talk about his family we find he has no family only an older brother, when asked what he does, he says he doesn’t know, his brother is a contractor of some kind( the audience thinks nothing of it, watching the moving you’ll think construction or home building) he sends him money monthly to help out and they talk once a week.. hasn’t seen him in years, and is excited that his brother is coming into town in two days for a visit. During the event they meet some girls, he ends up with the hottest one, the rest(girls) leave over the day, everyone is jealous, eventually they end up alone, she a little younger than him. They’re hooking up and They get caught by the girls crazy (possible white trash)(big tough white trash) older brother and a few friends when they find them they rough him up a bit. Snatch him up and the night of terror and torture begins as they speed off in a old Camaro muscle car/white trashy. His friends were close to the situation and knew what the two were up to, and caught the end of the girls big brother dragging the alpha and throwing him into the Camaro and speeding away. It was clear to the friends he was in trouble, and they run to the scene where alpha was hooking up, only to find the girl crying and the alpha’s shoes and cell phone. The girl is afraid for alpha’s life, explains her brother’s craziness and wild things he’s done in the past. For some reason we will have to develop a reason why going to the cops isn’t an option. After a lot of freaking out among the friends, the alpha’s best friends say’s it’s time to call the brother, he says it in a way like he knows what’s going to happen when they do(audience will think something’s funny) because they are best friends and the other guys are just homies, he has more inside knowledge on the alpha’s family situation.
New scene*
Opens to a face shot of the main character, cool, hard, manly. His phone rings, but not out loud, it rings in his ear device that you didn’t notice before, he answers the phone with a serious cold and strong voice, it’s the alpha’s best friend, scared and sketchy. He tells the brother the situation, where they are, and that they don’t know what to do. Brother tells them it’s going to be ok, he is less than 100 miles away from their location, tells them to keep it cool and keep by that phone. Call ends, camera zooms out as the brother reaffirms his position looking through the rifle’s scope.. he’s crouched on a high rise(quiet and windy), just then a man walks out of a law firm and right into his cross hairs, *bang* the scene goes blank, and opens back up with the brother on a black on black ducati speeding down a lone freeways passing a sign telling the mileage of the town his brother(alpha) was snatched up in, the sun is setting behind him.
New Scene*
Scene opens in the speeding care, alpha pleading for his release, fear is prevalent in his voice, the white trash older brother is ranting about him going to regret hooking up with his baby sister. The turn off the road and unto a dirt road leading to the middle of nowhere, a clearing, a foresty patch of property, possible a shed or house or dirt bike track.. somewhere that is familir that these guys hang out all the time. They all get outta the car and retrieve a shovel from the trunk. A few of the guys start to build a small fire in the fire bit(that has chairs to hang out in around it) WTB (White trash brother) points a gun at alpha and tells him to