Reaction Paper On Poverty

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Poverty is a big problem that still exists in this world. With this research paper, it will help the youth to understand where this poverty started, what the causes are and what people could do to stop it. This issue has been the problem since then yet there is still no solution. Also, this issue should address well to everybody because if no one tries to find possible solution, things were getting worse as time goes on. This research paper informs the people what poverty is, to make sure people understands what poverty really is, what is doing to the society and most especially what people could do to stop it. To stop this problem, the youth should unite and make ways as any youth can. Many are those who do not know what poverty is but it refers to a condition that people having a means to afford a basic human need such as food and shelter. To prove this point, the researcher begins with the definition of poverty. Then, she will explain the reasons of getting involve in the poverty with its branch equality and inequality. Last, she will discuss how people can distinguish the effects poverty is telling them. …show more content…
On the other hand, Inequality is “an unfair situation” (Merriam-Webster 2017) in which some people have more rights or better opportunities than other people. Moreover, poverty is “the state of being poor” according to the Merriam-Webster.