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Amer Kaleemullah
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Reaction Paper 2


Ever since when people worked together in the prehistoric era where people would shed blood, sweat and tears for instance, in the hunting and foraging sectors of a community or a tribe, in order to feed themselves and their own, tasks were always spread across a group of people (which we now call a team) within which specific sub-tasks such as sowing seeds, harvesting, skinning animals for clothes, scouting etc. were assigned to individuals engaged in the team. Imagine yourself being a part of that community were you were assigned to drift out into the wilderness with your spear or a tomahawk or a bow and arrow to go hunting and bring back whatever you caught; would you be more likely to hunt a big animal such as a wild boar all by yourself where it would likely kill you before you do the same to it? Or go for something small and comparatively safer and much easier to kill like a deer or a squirrel? I think the answer is quite obvious in this scenario.

In today’s organizational world, most employees now work in some form of a team-based organization where, in inclusion to their individual responsibilities, they are also serving as members of one or more working teams or groups. Teams are groups of employees with representation from a variety of functional areas within the organization to maximize the cross-functional exchange of information in a work environment.

From my personal experience, tasks are always 100% accomplished satisfactorily when multiple minds are involved at it compared to just me working on a project while overlooking a few time-consuming minute details which did not affect the immediate outcome of the project but surely, it came back to bite me in the long run. In one of my classes, Testing and Measurements, each week my professor handed out lab assignments which involved a humongous amount of number crunching and also equipment setup involving the wiring of measurement instruments to both the object being tested and the computer to communicate and gather and analyze data coming from the measuring instruments. My professor would then assign a group leader who would assign specific tasks to specific individuals based on their ability and skills to get the testing done within a