Reaction Paper to Comprehension-Based Approach in English Language Teaching

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Carlos Hilado Memorial State College
Graduate School
Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Subject : Current Trends in Teaching English
Instructor: Mrs. Liezl May C. Tortogo
Student: Adoracion Aileen Ayn E. Hilado
Reaction to Comprehension Based Approach in Teaching Language

A. Summary of Comprehension Based Approach The Comprehension Approach refers to several methodologies of language learning that emphasize understanding of language rather than speaking. It is a pedagogical/instructive principle, which can be found in a number of methods and in practical listening comprehension; a. comprehension should be taught by teaching learners to understand meaning in the target language; b. the learners'
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Math teachers complained to me all the time that the reason their students failed in solving math problems is because they cannot understand what is being asked in the problem. They said that their pupils do not know how to comprehend the problem which presupposes that their problem is their English comprehension skills rather than their computing abilities in Math. The same goes with my Science class, scientific concepts cannot be understood all at once by the students in Science so I have to teach them how to understand science facts and concepts. I let them listen first to my explanation and description of a science fact and concept. I also translate some of the English terms to the native language for them to digest the subject matter. I concur to the principle of Comprehension Based Approach that listening comprehension is very important and is viewed as the basic skill that will allow speaking, reading and writing to develop spontaneously over time given the right conditions. I also agree to its principle that learners should begin by listening to meaningful speech and by responding nonverbally in meaningful ways before they produce any language themselves and to the principle learners progress by being exposed to meaningful input that is just one step beyond their level of competence .A lot of my lesson plans was geared in developing comprehension skills of my students in