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Media Sports weekly reaction

The newspaper that I focused for my weekly reaction comes from our very own school I focused on the Rocky Mountain Collegian. IT was Issued on April 3 and it starts off really provocative with the top of the page stating “CSU basketball recruit cited fir marijuana possession”. This relates a lot to what we have talked about in class, but not in the ways you might first think when you read the issue.
As you turn to read the sports section you first see how much diversity you are getting in the forms of sex. But if you look at the images presented you can see a very distinct line to which sports our school supports the most. The issue that got my attention showed an incoming senior that is destined to succeed at CSU but the images of him do not favor his cause. He is the player who is getting cited for marijuana and their picture of him is his basketball jersey at his elbows and his tattoos can clearly be seen. They look into his personal life and show how he has past misconduct issues relating to substance abuse and that he is enrolled in a rehabilitation program. I would question the fact if our school or The Collegian is trying to show this incoming transfer student as a thug. Why not show a picture of him in a suit or not a picture at all. The other sports represented shows athletes in their respectable sports playing and getting positive highlights. On relation to females and the section in Lind reading I found the section that they had about our