Readability and Screen Shots Essay

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Session Objectives

Understand what evidence needs to be produced for task b(iv),


Task biv) requires you to evaluate your performance whilst producing your 6 communications,
Producing a communication commentary for each communication as you go along is a handy way of doing this and if done correctly provides plenty of evidence for mark band 3,
What you need for each communication:

Draft Versions

Final Version


Commentary Layout

Section #1: Audience and purpose

Needs to be a clear statement of the purpose and audience of the document you are creating,

Section #2: Developing to suit purpose and audience
Strengths and weaknesses of each draft,
 How each draft has been refined to suit the audience and purpose.

Section #3: Final Version
Strengths and weaknesses of final version,
 How does the document meet audience and purpose (screen shot readability statistics as evidence),
 How can the document be improved,
 Software features used (may be appropriate to include screen shots). 

Section #4: Your performance

Section #5: Evidence of Software Features

Screen shots of less obvious software features used e.g. templates, automation, sound, video

Section #6: Evidence of Adapting Information

How could you improve the way your worked whilst completing this task. Few selected screen shots showing how information has been adapted and combined. For example - a picture may have been cropped, re-coloured and merged with other images to create a logo.
Prints of the original images and the final logo should provide adequate evidence in this case.

Section #7: Bibliography
A detailed list of sources used – needs to include both electronic and non electronic documents,
 Notes about how each source is used – if any have been adapted this is very useful perhaps include before and after screen shots.


You can use Word to check that your communications are suitable for the intended audience by showing the readability statistics for the communication,
To show this you need check the box “show readability statistics” in the spell check options.

Flesch Reading Ease score
Rates text on a 100-point scale; the higher the score, the easier it is to understand the communication. For most standard documents, aim for a score of approximately 60 to 70.
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score
Rates text on a U.S. grade-school level
(Add one to the score to convert to UK school years). For example, a score of
8.0 means that an eighth grader (year
9 in UK or 13-14 yr old) can understand the communication. For most standard communications, aim for a score of approximately 7.0 to 8.0.

Only word offers this facility
– for communications created in other software copy and paste the text into word.


Lists all the sources of information used when creating your communications,
The purpose is to allow somebody else to find the same information as you – it also allows people to ensure copyright hasn’t been breached!
What you need to record: