Reader: Edgar Allan Poe and Poet Dylan Thomas Essay

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During the past it may seem that there was a connection between alcohol and authors. Even in today society there are some authors who have an alcohol problem, like some of authors in the past such as Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Cheever, and even Stephen King. . In my opinion I believe they were alcoholics because it might have made them think more or even a lot of stress trying to write a story or even a novel. These authors have created a legend out for themselves but, it all leads down to one thing and it is drinking. When I had done some research these author’s lives, to find out how they were all affected with the same disease and it would be to alcoholism. Some may say from their drinking habits it was to boost their creative abilities to write and while others had thought it was to escape from their confines thoughts of their own imagination.
Drinking may be caused by many situations towards authors as they write or even they write. To me I believe that they had an alcohol problem because, they were lonely, even to block an escape from their own minds, and the most important was a tool to cure their emotional hardships that they had endured while being an author. Some authors may go through situations in their childhood life or even in their adult life. For example Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Van Gogh; they both had suffered emotional and depressed and they both where artistic and literary geniuses.
There can be many situations for an author to