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Jasmine Charles
May 10, 2015

Reader Response 3

We as a society are a very independent group of people. We love to take on more and more just to accomplish our goals and often do it without anyone’s help. Seeking help sometimes can be a sign of weakness, therefore we bite off more than we can chew a lot of times. Teamwork is defined as a cooperative effort by a group of people working together, to accomplish an ultimate goal. Sometimes you have to work as a team in order to survive, but within that team you need a good leader. Someone that has their head on straight and is looking out for the team as a whole to accomplish the main goal of surviving.
In AMC The Walking Dead, the show centers on what seems to be the end of the world, where an epidemic swept the world, and now the dead are walking around and feeding on the living. During this turn of events society has completely crumbled, with no sense of community, no government, it’s just everyone for themselves fighting for survival and a place to lay their head safely every night, Its said that the title is in reference to the living and not the zombies. The main character, Rick, wakes up from a coma and sets out, alone to find his family in this new world, once he comes across a group of survivors in Atlanta, he finds his family and his place in the world.
Not everyone can be a leader, some people are meant to be followers and I think with this zombie apocalypse, when survival is key, those abilities are brought to light and it’s a natural draw to whoever is going to stand up and take charge. A leader is someone that helps guide, and direct a group of people. They’re someone that does the work and makes the hard decisions for the group and takes respsonability for the things that go wrong.
Shane, a fellow police officer and friend of Rick, is the leader of the Atlanta group before Rick arrives. When the group was being ran by Shane he was in a position that I feel he put on himself. Shane was a very selfish, egotistical and demanding person, not the traits you wouldn’t want in a leader. The people followed him and allowed him to keep the