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Reading Response for Feb 6th 2013
A Narrative of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson In this reading Mrs. Mary Rowlandson was taken captive along with her three children by the Native American tribe Narrhagansets. She had seen death of her youngest child and death and destruction of her friends and hometown. While reading this Mary found a way to keep her spirits up when things seemed like everything should end. The bible was her support. The bible had reading that Mary would read to keep pushing along. If I was Mary Rowlandson and I had been what she was through, I don’t know if the bible is what would keep me going, at least not as long as it kept Mary going. There were times were she wanted to give up, but as soon as she continued reading the bible she knew she could. I know that when I am struggling I look for support from other people; hopefully that person is able to talk to me and bring my spirits up. When reading this and thinking that Mary did not have anyone that was there to listen to her complaints. Even if her Children were around more and that she knew that her husband was alive, would have made this experience a little more bearable. I found strength in Mary Rowlandson, when her spirits where higher made her a person of character and not someone who wanted to give up on life. Some of the bible quotes were so simple, but meant so much to her that when I read some of them I had to reread it because it did not make as much sense the…