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Charles Henri de Saint-Simon, Sketch of a New Political System, UR, pp. 202-206
There are different chambers which each individually are designed and composed to accomplish different things. For example there is a chamber of invention which is composed of engineers, poets, inventors, painters, sculptors and architects. This chamber is given a set of tasks that it must meet. A second chamber, the chamber of examination, is made up of physicists and mathematicians who are also given a set of tasks. There is freedom of religion and religions are not to be judged. There is also an execution chamber which consists of individuals who are already rich therefore not allocated a salary. Any projects that are pitched are first reviewed by the first chamber and then must be approved by the second. If anyone is to be damaged financially by the establishment of the political systems then they are to be rewarded. A specific fund is set aside just for them in order to make up for their loss.
Marx and Engel, The Communist Manifesto, UR, pp. 227-228
This piece implies that higher classes oppress the lower ones through political power. In order to rid this exploitation they want to do away with personal property and inheritances; moreover, they want to place taxes and require everyone to work. They also want to distribute the population evenly while getting rid of the terms town and country. This will establish equality.
Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward: 2000-1887, UR, pp. 240-273
The author describes a place where the capital was concentrated to one are of the population leads to the oppression of the average worker. This leads to gaps between the rich and the poor. He describes that the 19th century converged from a “monarchy” (old capitalist system) to a nation run by the people. There are no wars, no politicians or parties; therefore, no corruption due to the fact that there is no benefit coming